Wood Egg Okonomiyaki Museum official application

Wood Egg Okonomiyaki Museum Audio Guide is a free audio guide application,
so that you can enjoy the Wood Egg Okonomiyaki Museum even more. After you have downloaded the application,
please download the information on the exhibition. Display the exhibition works catalogue.

Download App


iPhoneの方は「App Store」からダウンロード

Supported OS:iOS 8.0 or later

iPhoneの方は「App Store」からダウンロード


Androidの方は「Google Play」からダウンロード

Supported OS:Android 5.0 or later

Androidの方は「Google Play」からダウンロード

How to use the audio guide application

Select language

After you start the application, a screen for choosing the language for the audio guide will be displayed. Please choose a language and click the [Select] button.

Profile setting

Terms of use, In the following, a screen where you will have to input a simple profile will be displayed. Please input your gender, age, and nationality. The data you input can also be changed later. If you want to make changes later, please click on the display [Profile seeting] in the upper-left Menu and make the changes there.

Download audio data

After you have input your profile data, please download the audio guide data. When you click the [Download] button at the lower part of the screen, the download will start. Depending on the connection, the download of the audio guide will take some time, so please wait for a while. You only have to download the audio data once. In case that the content of the tour spot changed, you will be informed via the application. Please download the updated audio guide in this case.

Check in at the reception

Start the application while at the reception. If you hold your phone in front of the Check-In Box, you will be able to use the audio guide. In case that you check-in at the reception, please always leave your Bluetooth on.

About GPS

Please permit the utilization of your location information.

About Bluetooth

In the case that the Reception Check-In screen is not displayed, please confirm that the Bluetooth function of the application is turned on.

List of the tour spots

This is the list of the tour spots. Please click at the spot you want to listen to.

Tour spot details and audio guide

On the lower right of your display, there is a traingular button which says [recovery] and [suspension]. Above the white bar, the text of the audio guide is displayed.

Floor map

Click “MAP” at the bottom of the screen to display the map.